At Spice Hive we do away with kitchen blandness with practical, beautiful storage for herbs and spices.  We also sell a range of fresh, pungent herbs and spices to make your cooking come alive.

It was a dreary Melbourne Cup Day holiday and the shoeboxes overflowing with ugly, mismatched spice containers and twisted plastic packets had. to. go.

We were so, SO pleased with the (eventual!) final result, but realised that we were really onto something when every single person who came to our home (yes, even the removalists) absolutely LOVED our spice ‘rack’.

Then, we did what we do best in the kitchen.  We experimented.  We experimented with jars of every size and shape.  We experimented with magnets.  We even experimented with a range of food-safe coatings for the magnets – just to be perfectly sure that the product was the best and safest it could possibly be.  The end result is the Spice Hive.  

We hope that you love them as much as I do!

Caroline and Chris

Caroline and Chris

Avid cooks, kitchen experimenters, tiny apartment dwellers.